Parents Need to Stay Involved


Many students in high school do not tell their parents about their grades and how they are doing in school. A student not informing their parents can cause a parent to not know how to help if the student falls behind.

More students need to start going over their grades with their parents. Going over his or her grades only takes a few minutes and can be very useful.

Just taking a quick look at a student’s grades can show the parents if the student is doing their work appropriately or inadequately.

Parents can access Powerschool to keep up to date on their child’s grades. Powerschool shows how the student is doing in each class.

To take action, parents can set a good home environment that encourages learning and for the parents to become involved with their children’s education.

Children will consistently complete their homework if a parent is involved. Also, many students may actually want to go to school if they are doing well and know what they need to do to become successful.

If a parent starts to discuss their student’s education, it can help the child’s relationship with their parent grow stronger and become closer.

According to, more students are less likely to drop out if their parent is concerned with their child’s education.

All adolescents in Lebanon High School or any high school should make sure their parent or parents know how everything is going in school.

Thinking While a Student Is Still Young


When a student first enters high school, high school is all they think about. Nobody ever thinks about college in their freshman year, right?

Some students may believe it is too early for them to be contemplating about college the first year of high school. No matter how unappealing the idea is, it can still be useful to at least think about college before a student actually gets there.

Looking ahead can assist a high school student in being prepared for the future. If, as a teen, they know more about their future, when they graduate, it will give them a starting point towards college afterwards.

High school is prepping students for an independent life after they graduate. Students have a lot of responsibilities including having a place to live, keeping up with their classes, and having a job to get money for food and other living expenses.

If a student researches colleges and has an idea of what they want to do for their major, it will help them excessively after they graduate. There is no need for a student to know exactly what they want to do after high school yet, but they can learn from their high school experiences.

Students who consider selecting their career early can take classes in high school to get more education on that major before actually going to college for it. For example, if a student takes Personal Finance it could help them if they are considering a career in Marketing.

The main idea here is if a student considers pondering college choices while they are in high school, it can help them tremendously in the future.

Students should thoroughly investigate their career while they are young so that they are prepared for their future.

It’s Your Grade. . .


Many people, once the easy classes stop, end up getting lower grades than they are used to. This is because their classes require a higher level of work ethic.

In simple terms, work ethic is your ability to compete assignments in an orderly fashion.

Many people have excellent work ethic, while others have more of a procrastinator attitude towards work.

The first widely known rule of work ethic is to never say, “I’ll get it done later.” If you have the ability or time to get an assignment finished, do it.

This simple rule will set you up for success. You’ll get more assignments done and you’ll have time to do more.

Another guideline to follow is to ask for help. If you don’t understand something, usually you don’t want to complete it; be sure to get clarity on the subject.

Ask a teacher or a friend, anyone who can help you with a difficult assignment. Never leave assignments incomplete, even if they are late.

We live in a digital age, so there will be digital assignments. Personally, these are the toughest assignments to complete.

Deadlines for digital assignments are usually at 11:59 pm on the due date. This means that there will be no time to do it the next day.

Those kinds of assignments should be priority, due to their due dates being before class the next day.

To do well in school, you need priorities and sacrifices, meaning that you must get certain things done before others. For example, you should probably get all mandatory work done before worrying about extra-credit assignments.

Sacrifices that sometimes are necessary include: only playing video games on the weekends or only playing for a couple of hours on school nights.

Success in school comes down to whether or not you are able to get work competed in an orderly fashion. With these simple tips it should be easier to finish work and achieve higher grades.

Remember, no one can force you to do work. It’s your grade.

Academic Booster Sundae is Only a Week Away

BY MOLLY FOSTEREditor-in-Chief

Get ready for bowls of ice cream and prizes galore, because on Sunday, March 29th, at 2pm, LHS will be holding their annual Academic Booster Sundae! Students who have maintained a stellar 3.25 GPA or higher for the past three marking periods have received an invitation via Schoology from Mr. Giovino within the past few weeks, and a formal invitation in the mail as well.

The event will be held in the LHS cafeteria, and by RSVPing to the number provided at the bottom of the invitation, students and one guest are capable of joining in on the fun. Upon entering the cafeteria, the honored student is asked to fill out a raffle ticket with their name on it for the many drawings that will be taking place, and is then handed a variety of other goodies.ice_cream_sundae

The prizes for the event are generously donated by local businesses, such as Shuey’s Pretzels, Yogis Mini Golf, and Cedar Lanes, to name a few. Due to the countless donations, each student is guaranteed to walk away with at least one, if not more prizes.

Following the distribution of the many door prizes, is the root of Academic Sundae¾ the ice cream! All attendees are invited to help themselves to a generous scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, even a root beer float, with a wide variety of toppings to choose from.

Academic Booster Sundae is a day that many students openly admit to looking forward to each year; who doesn’t like ice cream and complimentary gifts? So, keep your grades up, get prepared for the festivities, and maybe even loosen your belt for all the ice cream that is to come; Academic Booster Sundae is only a week away!

Teenagers Grow, so Why Shouldn’t Their Amount of Sleep Grow too?


There are many reasons for teenagers to not stay up all night playing Black Ops or being on social media until the crack of dawn.

Teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function best. Many doctors worry that if teenagers do not get enough sleep, they will not grow or function the right way.

Studies say that most teens may be sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can cause lack of motivation, concentration, and can cause weight gain in serious cases.

Sleep is very important for anyone’s health, especially a growing teenagers’. Getting enough sleep can make a teenager learn to their full capacity and make them a better student as well.

According to Melissa Smith on, “As you start getting the sleep you need, your energy and efficiency will go up.”

By gaining the correct amount of energy, a student can become healthier. When a person is healthier, they will feel better.

Teenagers should rethink late night texts or calls, and try to secure a better sleeping schedule. Warning: the teenager may need to count some sheep to let the new schedule settle in.

A Game’s Identity


Many different genres of games are available in the world today.

From video games to board games and even puzzles, all games serve a purpose. But, what is the purpose of all these games?

The answer to this question lies within the player of said game.

If you play games to find a deeper meaning within a story, then one could say that the game was made for that reason.

Now you may be thinking, well, what about the creator’s purpose? That is also something to think about.

The creator’s view is also important in determining why the game was made. With simpler games, like chess or checkers, the answer is obvious for most.

The games are a challenge to the player to experiment with different strategies to trump the competition. These are games that encourage the ability to recognize different situations and react accordingly.

However, as games became more complex, they turned into ways to let a creator make their own world that they can tell a story. Their stories can have stricter sets of rules with worse and worse punishments.

When you look at comedic games or serious games, you almost feel as if a bit of a game creator’s personality goes into the game. For example, The Ratchet and Clank series.

This game is a comedic, sarcastic, fun, puzzle solving game that challenges the player with its confusing mechanics, but also rewards the player with a funny cut scene every once in a while. For me, this game was brimming with personality and great game play. It kept me interested and involved.

This game series was very popular and with new releases it just raises the scale each time in game play, mechanics, and comedy.

As I got older and replayed the series a bit, I realized that this video game, along with others, could have very different impacts on people.

It surprised me how many different opinions of a game there are when it is reviewed.

Many forms of opinions of games exist and they all make sense in the eyes of the people who play them. The philosophy changes from player to player and that is what gives each game its own identity.

The Heart of a Rivalry

BY AMELIA KUHN – Staff Writer

Each year the crowd piles into a crazy gym to watch one of the most intense rivalries in the Lancaster-Lebanon basketball league. Cedar Crest and Lebanon have been rivals ever since Cedar Crest High School was established in 1966.

The rivalry has stayed at an intense hatred over the years, but why?

Lebanon High School Principal, Mr. William Giovino believes that due to the proximity, how could the schools not be rivals? The schools are not even ten miles away from each other, and the scene is set for a typical small but close town rival.

The intensity builds especially since kids can attend either school if they are willing to pay to attend a school out of their district, since the schools are so close.

Lebanon High was established long before Cedar Crest, and many LHS grads moved out to Cornwall-Lebanon resulting in their kids going to Cedar Crest. This can also spark rivalry from parents because they choose to support their kids more than their alma mater.

Even though the winner of the game only receives pure bragging rights, fans still go crazy as if the winning team was going to win a million dollars. It is the most intense game of the year.

Lebanon and Cedar Crest have played a total of 61 games, Lebanon is leading with wins, 34 to 27.

A Lebanon High graduate, Ms. Lisa Shucker, made comments on the rivalry saying that back when she was a Lebanon high basketball player this game was huge ordeal. The gym was always packed; it was the game of the year.

“Before kids would always go to the games, I was always excited for every game, that game was always fun. Now the school isn’t as involved, before there was much more pride to be a Cedar,” Shucker said.

Mrs. Terri Johnston also commented mentioning, “This is always the most spirited game because it is the game that everyone puts their best effort forward.”

Seniors, Alicia Haitos and Luke Eisenhour, gave an inside look about what it feels like to play in the game, what it means to them, and what to expect this year.

When asked about the game Haitos said, “This rivalry is one of the best aspects of growing up in Lebanon County. It’s a rivalry where you hate each other on the field/court but respect each other on and off.

“The atmosphere of the game is incredible and indescribable. I personally believe that this game is the most fun out of all of them throughout the season.

“This year I want to make it worth it, seeing as it’s my last opportunity to play in this game. I can’t wait to step in the court.”

Eisenhour also said, “The game is crazy, it’s everything people would expect. It’s one of the most intense things I have ever experienced.

“The rivalry means everything to me, It’s what I look forward to throughout the year.

“I love playing in front of a big crowd and just every seat is filled at that game. It also helps me build momentum for us to compete on that level throughout the season.”

No matter what, you can always expect this game to be wild. This year will be no different.

Get out and support your Lebanon Cedars Girls’ and Boys’ Varsity Basketball teams as they face their rivals by wearing black on January 16th at Cedar Crest High School, tipoff is at 6 pm starting with the girls. Go Cedars!