The Heart of a Rivalry

BY AMELIA KUHN – Staff Writer

Each year the crowd piles into a crazy gym to watch one of the most intense rivalries in the Lancaster-Lebanon basketball league. Cedar Crest and Lebanon have been rivals ever since Cedar Crest High School was established in 1966.

The rivalry has stayed at an intense hatred over the years, but why?

Lebanon High School Principal, Mr. William Giovino believes that due to the proximity, how could the schools not be rivals? The schools are not even ten miles away from each other, and the scene is set for a typical small but close town rival.

The intensity builds especially since kids can attend either school if they are willing to pay to attend a school out of their district, since the schools are so close.

Lebanon High was established long before Cedar Crest, and many LHS grads moved out to Cornwall-Lebanon resulting in their kids going to Cedar Crest. This can also spark rivalry from parents because they choose to support their kids more than their alma mater.

Even though the winner of the game only receives pure bragging rights, fans still go crazy as if the winning team was going to win a million dollars. It is the most intense game of the year.

Lebanon and Cedar Crest have played a total of 61 games, Lebanon is leading with wins, 34 to 27.

A Lebanon High graduate, Ms. Lisa Shucker, made comments on the rivalry saying that back when she was a Lebanon high basketball player this game was huge ordeal. The gym was always packed; it was the game of the year.

“Before kids would always go to the games, I was always excited for every game, that game was always fun. Now the school isn’t as involved, before there was much more pride to be a Cedar,” Shucker said.

Mrs. Terri Johnston also commented mentioning, “This is always the most spirited game because it is the game that everyone puts their best effort forward.”

Seniors, Alicia Haitos and Luke Eisenhour, gave an inside look about what it feels like to play in the game, what it means to them, and what to expect this year.

When asked about the game Haitos said, “This rivalry is one of the best aspects of growing up in Lebanon County. It’s a rivalry where you hate each other on the field/court but respect each other on and off.

“The atmosphere of the game is incredible and indescribable. I personally believe that this game is the most fun out of all of them throughout the season.

“This year I want to make it worth it, seeing as it’s my last opportunity to play in this game. I can’t wait to step in the court.”

Eisenhour also said, “The game is crazy, it’s everything people would expect. It’s one of the most intense things I have ever experienced.

“The rivalry means everything to me, It’s what I look forward to throughout the year.

“I love playing in front of a big crowd and just every seat is filled at that game. It also helps me build momentum for us to compete on that level throughout the season.”

No matter what, you can always expect this game to be wild. This year will be no different.

Get out and support your Lebanon Cedars Girls’ and Boys’ Varsity Basketball teams as they face their rivals by wearing black on January 16th at Cedar Crest High School, tipoff is at 6 pm starting with the girls. Go Cedars!

Unbroken: Rated 50 Stars and 13 Stripes

BY MOLLY FOSTEREditor-in-Chief

As promised, the long anticipated Unbroken, stormed theaters on Christmas night, and the crowds were flocking like birds; I was among them. The viewers perched at the ends of their seats and by the end,

some even shed a few tears, in both sadness and admiration. It was a refreshing conclusion to a family filled holiday. It served as a for in life: a house over our heads, food on the table, friends and family who love us and primarily, freedom, which is too commonly taken for granted.article-2688083-1F8DD71000000578-108_634x477

The movie began with Louie Zamperini and his Air Force crew in a plane, performing an air raid over Japan. It continues with numerous flashbacks of Zamperini’s childhood to give the audience a far better understanding of him as a character and to help them gain a more appropriate appreciation for the events, which were to come later on in the movie.

Viewers were taken back in shock and held their breath—their faces nearly turning blue, as the storyline took an unexpected and unfavorable turn for Zamperini and his crew mates, as their B4 Green Hornet experienced mechanical issues during their search for a downed aircraft. The plane spiraled uncontrollably into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where they spent 47 days hanging on for dear life.

I must admit, the movie did start off slowly and uneventfully, but following the crash, the historic reminder of everything we have to be thankful intensity of the movie skyrocketed as their “rescuers” turned out to be the Japanese, and Zamperini and his two other surviving crewmates were taken into a prisoner of war camp.

They were interrogated, beaten, starved, and stripped of their dignities. However, somehow, despite the mental and physical abuse, the fire within them was never fully extinguished.

Zamperini, played by Jack O’Connell, particularly displayed persistence and determination, and therefore drove the movie to excellence. His spirited attitude was infectious and I left the theater feeling inspired, almost to the point that just like Zamperini, I felt as though I could dodge all obstacles and accomplish anything.

The various reviews of Unbroken, from online critics such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, do not provide the movie its rightful justice, whatsoever. Both cites rated the movie with a measly three out of five stars and a reviewer from IMDb even said, “The storytelling is mediocre and lacks the intensity that it should [have], considering what happened to this airman.

“I am disappointed that the script was so weak considering who had their hands in rewriting it.”

Individuals must take into consideration that not all events from a novel can be included in a movie, or else it would be border lining five hours, and no one would bother to sit through the entirety of it. Keeping that in mind, director, Angelina Jolie, did a splendid job selecting the most moving and attention hunting scenes from the novel and transferring them into a major motion picture.

With the success of the movie’s realistic reenactment and storytelling, Unbroken deserves a far more reasonable four and a half out of five stars; only being deducted half of a star due to the slow and semi- uneventful start.

However, on a scale of Americanism, it would be more than appropriate to give the movie 50 out of 50 stars and 13 stripes, representing those on the American flag, for being the most brutally honest, yet heartwarming WWII movie of the decade.

Unbroken, is worth the watch; so splurge the money you’ve been saving up for a new pair of shoes on a movie ticket and some popcorn. You won’t regret it.

Mini Maxwell Award Winner for 2014

BY HAYLIE REICH – Staff Writer

The Mini Maxwell is an award open to senior student athletes involved in varsity football.

The award was given to 61 student athletes from Pennsylvania in 2014. The players are selected from Districts 1, 3, 11, and 12.

Coaches nominate the players based on academics, community service, sportsmanship, and athletic ability.

If honored with the award, the coaches, along with the players, attend a banquet at Drexelbrook Catering Ballroom in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania to receive their award. Last year, for the 2013 season, Mark Plyes was nominated.

For the 2014 season, LHS senior, Connor Cummins, was selected for the award. He attended the banquet with Coach Gerry Yonchiuk on January 8th.15557053-standard

Cummins was awarded for the 2014 season because of his achievements on the field, in school, and his involvement in the community.

Cummins was previously honored with 1st team All-County Offensive lineman and Honorable Mention for All-League.

Off the field Cummins excels in his classes maintaining a weighted 4.28 GPA and he is ranked 12th in his class.

In his community, he is involved in his church and their youth group. He has also written an original sermon and preached during his church service.

Through the youth group, Cummins achieves his community service recognition. He has participated in his youth group’s annual Hobos in the Outfield for five years.

Connor Cummins and Coach Gerry Yonchiuk ready to head to Drexelbrook Catering Ballroom in Drexel Hill, PA.

He also volunteers with the local Fire Company, Station 39.

Cummins has worked hard throughout his football career and will be attending Lebanon Valley College next fall to play for the Dutchmen.

The award is an honor for Cummins, as well as for Lebanon’s Football team, be sure to congratulate him.

Films for Fifteen

BY KIAYA SECHREST – Feature Editor

It’s been a year since any new movies have been released, but 2015 has many anticipated films to come.

Taken 3 starts off the new movie year on January 9th. In the third and final installment of the Taken series, actor Liam Neeson goes on his last hunt.

Soon after, on February 13th, Fifty Shades of Grey will be released. The film is based off of the popular novel by E. L. James.

A more family-friendly movie comes out on March 13th. Disney’s live-action adaptation of Cinderella is said to be one of the most awaited films of the year.

The second movie in the Divergent trilogy will be released on March 20th. Insurgent continues the saga of Tris and Four.

Furious 7 is set to be released on April 3rd. This is an on-going franchise, and this installment includes some scenes with Paul Walker filmed prior to his death.

On May 1st, Avengers: Age of Ultron will be hitting theaters. This is the second in the Avengers film series.

Many moviegoers are excitedly awaiting May 15th when Pitch Perfect 2 finally comes out. The movie includes the same cast as its predecessor as they take on the next big accapella adventure.

The original Jurassic Park from 1993 is getting a new spin on June 12th with Jurassic World. The movie is somewhat of a continuation from the original, with a more modern take.

Although it seems like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 was just released, Part 2 isn’t far off. On November 20th, the popular dystopian series will come to an end with its final installment.

The year ends with the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakes on December 18th. Fans have waited a decade for this film, and it will probably be the biggest blockbuster of the year.

Mark your calendars for 2015, and be sure to make it to all of these feature films!

Not so Tiny ComicCon

BY AZLYN HAIN – School News Co-Editor

Sci-fi, comic books, and super heroes, galore! The Central PA Comic Convention is coming soon, for the third year.

Set for March 14th and 15th, the convention will take place at the Holiday Inn in York.

Multiple special guests will attend, including The Walking Dead’s, Theodus Crane. Playing “Big Tiny” in the hit zombie show, Crane is hardly tiny with a height of over six feet, and weight of about 350 lbs.

Big Tiny is a prisoner, who although seems like a big, scary man, is kind-hearted. This character is even hesitant in killing mindless zombies.

Crane will attend the event, signing autographs and taking pictures with his dedicated fans. On the 14th, at eight o’clock, the zombie star will also hold a stand up comedy show.

Along with Crane, Comic Book Artist of comics like Green Lantern and The Flash, Alex Saviuk, Victoria Cosplay, and illustrators, Dan P. Gorman, Ken Hunt, Alex Saviuk, and Neil Vokes will also attend ComicCon.

Two costume contests will take place, with Victoria Cosplay as a judge, and she will also host panels and be available for photos.

Also featured will be locally produced film screenings, and video, card and board gaming. Come join the fun!

Prices are ten dollars for adults, and five for children ages six to eleven.

For more information, click here:

Hoop There it is! Or is it?


Shooting the orange and black ball in basketball, spiking the ball in volleyball, whatever the sport may be, there are multiple advantages and disadvantages.

Playing a sport may help a student meet many new friends, and help them gain popularity. Also, once a student participates in a sport, it will show up on that student’s résumé and helps with getting accepted into college.

Most colleges look to see if a student has been involved in an extracurricular activity. This may be the difference between if a teenager gets accepted to the school they want to go to or not.

Engaging in an extracurricular activity will make colleges want students more because these activities help a lot with a student’s thinking and collaborative skills and gives them more potential to be something in life.

Playing a sport normally requires conditioning and being fit. It can keep a person healthy.

However, participating in a sport could take up time at the end of the day that a student is supposed to be working on homework. Not having time for schoolwork because of a sport could make a student’s grade drop tremendously.

To be eligible for a sport, a student cannot be failing or have poor grades. A pupil may be doing well at the beginning of the year, but if he/she takes up a sport, could it be hazardous to their grades?

Even though playing a sport has many advantages, do the disadvantages outweigh them?

From my perspective, sports are a great activity to be involved with in high school. If someone tells a student not to take up a sport, they should not listen if they want to participate!

A student should think more on the positive side of things.

As American folk singer Pete Seeger says, “Participation, that’s what’s going to save the human race.”

Participating in a sport during high school will make you score, not lose.

Are Trimesters Really Killing Students’ Grades?


Lebanon High School was recently introduced to the trimester scheduling. There are now three trimesters in a school year.

When a trimester switches, a student’s classes are switched entirely. Some students have teachers they may not have had last trimester.

This means the student’s assignments have to be turned in before the trimester ends or the student will receive a zero. Assignments are lost forever at the end of the trimester.

A new trimester is a fresh start for students, with new concepts to be learned.

I received mixed responses on the topic of trimesters from students.

I interviewed a student from each grade in Lebanon High to receive diverse results. I asked them all the same two questions.

First I asked “Is the trimester schedule beneficial or detrimental for you?” Freshman Alexis Landes answered, “Very detrimental.”

I then asked, “Do the trimesters stress you out or are they normal for you?” Landes said, “They stress me out so much, and I wish Lebanon High wouldn’t have them.”

I then went on to ask sophomore Rosa Jimenez, the same two questions.

Jimenez answered, “It is beneficial to me because I like my classes and I am with people who help me learn.”

I see where Jimenez is going with her response, but what if the student is not with people who help them learn? This could be a benefit only for one trimester for most people.

Next I asked her the second question and she answered, “It’s normal and I like it.”

I then went on to interview Junior, Ian Herr.

Herr answered, “They are detrimental to me.”

When asked if the trimesters stress him out or have no impact, he responded, “They are normal to me since I have been here for more than two years.”

Lastly, I asked senior, Justyn Connatser, the same questions.

Connatser responded, “Trimesters are beneficial to me.”

Following with the second question Connatser answered, “They are normal to me.”

As you can see, there were mixed opinions throughout the four grades.

Trimesters can be hurting some students, but also can help other students.

Trimesters have the ability to be lethal to a student’s grades, but it really depends on how the trimesters affect the students personally.