Passing on the Editorial Torch: From Molly Foster to Kiaya Sechrest

BY MOLLY FOSTER Editor-in-Chief

I can advocate the fact that time surely does fly, as I sit here composing my final article for The Lebanon Cedar Times. My days here at Lebanon High School are quickly drawing to a close, and I encourage all of you to seize the moments presented to you everyday; enjoy the highs and lows of your high school years, because soon, sooner than you know it actually, you too will be faced with the end of one part of your life, as you graduate into far bigger things.

Over my three years of involvement in the school newspaper here at LHS, I have explored the many aspects of journalism, developed and sharpened my writing skills, and somewhere along the way, have fallen in love with the written word. This class managed to lead me in the direction of my future, as I realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life—to write, and to be a voice for the people.

Throughout my journalism experience in high school, my staff and I have developed a close-knit bond, almost like that of a family. I particularly grew close to Mrs. Megan Heefner, the journalism class advisor; I almost looked at her as a second mother at times as she motivated me, connected with me on a personal level, and left a mark on me as we formed a bond that I have never had with another teacher throughout my education thus far.

This class not only pushed me as a writer to think outside of the box, but it also encouraged me to look at myself as an individual outside the box as well, and not to make limitations for myself. I also had the privilege to watch my staff writers develop immensely under my wings.

My LHS experience may be nearly over, but what I learned along the way and the bonds that were formed, will surely be things that will live on with me in the future.

I wish all of my fellow staff, those who will be graduating with me, and those who will be continuing to spread the news of The Lebanon Cedar Times in their upcoming high school years, best wishes and the best of luck in achieving their biggest dreams, goals, desires and aspirations. I am now officially passing my figurative editorial torch for The Lebanon Cedar Times, to my fellow staff member, Kiaya Sechrest. Kiaya has displayed integrity and determination as she crafts her articles, and I have no doubt that as I leave, she will continue to lead the paper to prosperous things.

Evaluate to Graduate!


There have been many modifications in the requirements to get a diploma in high school. The number of credits a student needs has changed tremendously and teenagers are now obligated to pass the Keystones to graduate.

The fact of the matter is, every student should be careful choosing his or her classes and schedule for a new trimester.

A student needs 40 credits to walk the stage with their classmates and receive their diploma.

Picking classes has to be done carefully so that the student has the right number of credits spread out through his or her high school career.

A student should make sure that they have the right number of credits so that all of the ones they do not have are not packed into their senior year!

Keeping a notebook or planner of what classes they need to participate in each year can be beneficial to the student. Also, checking in with a Guidance Counselor can keep students on track too.

Sometimes the classes he or she is required to take may not be something that they want to take.

The student should know that they have to take certain core classes, such as English, Math, Science, and History each year to an extent. To graduate, a student needs six credits of History, six credits of Math, six credits of Science, and eight credits of English.

A scholar should definitely be conscious of how many credits they need to graduate and specifically what classes they need to take!

It is Break-Fast!


Many of the teenagers in high school do not eat breakfast every morning. Although they may be in a rush, breakfast can provide a person with the energy they need throughout the day.

Some upsides to eating the first meal of the day are gaining energy, keeping a stable diet, and it can give a person the mental edge that they may need. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “In a recent study, people who ate breakfast were more physically active during the morning than those who didn’t.”

Breakfast is quick and keeps a student prepared for a long day ahead of them at school. If a student does not have enough time in the morning or cannot afford breakfast, they can surely stop by Lebanon High School to receive a free breakfast from the school.

Breakfast starts at 7:30 at LHS, so eat at home or be there and receive a healthy meal and some energy to carry around throughout the day.

How to Deal with Stress


Stress in life is probably one of the toughest things to deal with. In order to be a successful adult, you need to be able to cope with stress.

Stress is something that is not easily dealt with. Stress may come in different forms.

One form that exists is good stress. This stress helps you focus and allows you to do well.

The other type of stress is the bad stress. This is the kind of stress that causes depression and creates more problems than it solves.

A way to keep stress at bay is to plan out your time effectively. Also, try to make timely decisions.

This is not the only way to keep away from stress.

Another way to keep stress away is to always solve issues in an orderly fashion. If you try to do everything at once, especially in time sensitive situations, you may make mistakes and perform a lot worse than if you kept a steady workflow.

Even forgetting about things may help occasionally. Making sure you get a proper amount sleep, or time away from school may help ease your mind.

More stress relievers can be exercise, reading, or television. Even hanging out with peers can be a stress reliever.

The only thing to look out for is procrastination. Time away is healthy, but always return to the objective at hand.

Anyone can give assistance with someone’s stress, but it is up to you to find a way to take the initiative. Once you are able to skillfully cope with stress, you will be able to complete more difficult tasks in life.

Which Sport is Right for You?


As kids grow up, they want to be more unique. So, what do they do? They join sports to get involved with their schools.

Sports are a great way to meet friends, establish connections with others, like coaches, and even to stand out among other students. Also playing a sport may look good on a resume in the future.

Playing a sport, especially one your not accustomed to, can be scary. Once you get used to it, it can end up being a lot of fun.

There is a wide variety of sports and not all include a ball. You may not be good at one sport, but another may suit you well.

For example, if you aren’t very strong or aggressive and would rather use your mind, you may prefer chess to football. Maybe you’re better at skating or running in a track event than you are at marksmanship that has to do with accuracy.

With so many options it doesn’t hurt to explore as many of them as possible.

Personally, I prefer football to most sports. In my years of playing sports I found that the reason I like football is because it is a good stress reliever.

I find it enjoyable to be able to be angry and in control on a football field. It will never get old when we win a game or reach a new milestone as a team.

Also teams can help a person learn how to work together to achieve a common goal.

Overall sports have a large amount of benefits compared to its downfalls, such as injuries. Aside from injuries, sports are helpful physically and mentally.

So, find out what you are good at or what you want to experience, and join a sport.

Parents Need to Stay Involved


Many students in high school do not tell their parents about their grades and how they are doing in school. A student not informing their parents can cause a parent to not know how to help if the student falls behind.

More students need to start going over their grades with their parents. Going over his or her grades only takes a few minutes and can be very useful.

Just taking a quick look at a student’s grades can show the parents if the student is doing their work appropriately or inadequately.

Parents can access Powerschool to keep up to date on their child’s grades. Powerschool shows how the student is doing in each class.

To take action, parents can set a good home environment that encourages learning and for the parents to become involved with their children’s education.

Children will consistently complete their homework if a parent is involved. Also, many students may actually want to go to school if they are doing well and know what they need to do to become successful.

If a parent starts to discuss their student’s education, it can help the child’s relationship with their parent grow stronger and become closer.

According to, more students are less likely to drop out if their parent is concerned with their child’s education.

All adolescents in Lebanon High School or any high school should make sure their parent or parents know how everything is going in school.

Thinking While a Student Is Still Young


When a student first enters high school, high school is all they think about. Nobody ever thinks about college in their freshman year, right?

Some students may believe it is too early for them to be contemplating about college the first year of high school. No matter how unappealing the idea is, it can still be useful to at least think about college before a student actually gets there.

Looking ahead can assist a high school student in being prepared for the future. If, as a teen, they know more about their future, when they graduate, it will give them a starting point towards college afterwards.

High school is prepping students for an independent life after they graduate. Students have a lot of responsibilities including having a place to live, keeping up with their classes, and having a job to get money for food and other living expenses.

If a student researches colleges and has an idea of what they want to do for their major, it will help them excessively after they graduate. There is no need for a student to know exactly what they want to do after high school yet, but they can learn from their high school experiences.

Students who consider selecting their career early can take classes in high school to get more education on that major before actually going to college for it. For example, if a student takes Personal Finance it could help them if they are considering a career in Marketing.

The main idea here is if a student considers pondering college choices while they are in high school, it can help them tremendously in the future.

Students should thoroughly investigate their career while they are young so that they are prepared for their future.